Lucky 6 Pick Game

How Do i play Lucky 6 Pick game?

Lucky 6 Pick Game can be played daily from the Lucky Scratch App by visiting the Lucky 6 section of the Lobby. Each player can enter up to four (4) entries consisting of five (5) unique numbers from 1 to 60, inclusive AND one (1) additional number (“The Lucky Number”) from 1 to 25, inclusive.

Once your entries are in, come back the following day to check your results! You have 24 hours following the reveal of the results to claim your prize, if any.


Match numbers from a single entry to the numbers from the results! Lucky Numbers can only be matched to the Lucky Number from the results. Likewise, the 5 other numbers can only match to those 5 numbers on the results page.

Match all 6 to win the 10,000 Jackpot! All winning entries match all 6 numbers during that draw will split the jackpot evenly.

How do I claim my prize?

Once the results are posted from the previous day’s Lucky 6 draw, you can check your entries. You have 24 hours from the time the results are posted to claim your prize by logging into the app, checking your results, and clicking the CLAIM PRIZE button at the end of the results reveal sequence.

How do i contact support?

In the App, go to the Settings dialog in the upper right and click “Contact Support” . This will generate an email with helpful information so we can best assist you.

You can also email